Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Accessibility, Editable Text and Labels

You may have noticed that throughout the Eclipse UI we will periodically use an editable Text instead of a Label. There are two reasons for this
You will of course notice that there are Labels all over the place in the UI. If a label is beside an unlabelled widget (like a Text) that can take focus it will be used as the title by a screen reader.

This only works if the label and the widget that can take focus have the same parent and are one after the other in the z-order. z-order is order of creation by default - if that doesn't work for you because of how your code is structured check out Control#moveAbove or Control#moveBelow to adjust this order.

If you want more details you can check out my article on at or better yet vote and then go to Cori Ryan's talk at Eclipsecon .
Sigh. The right answer is to use "selectable labels" that don't yet exist in SWT.
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